Complete Vision Care

You can trust the knowledge and experience of our physicians when it comes to your vision. From comprehensive eye exams and prescription updates, to medical eye treatment or surgical solutions, our doctors provide complete vision care at three convenient Salem-area clinics.
See life clearly™ with Eye Care.

New Patients Are Always Welcomed

If you are a new patient in need of an eye exam or medical treatment, our team of vision care professionals are ready to help you schedule an appointment. Please call Monday thru Friday from 8am to 4pm (503) 585-2022

Is Eye Surgery for You?

Many vision problems and medical eye conditions can be corrected with surgery. If you’re considering eye surgery, please call us for an evaluation of your condition. Most surgeries are outpatient procedures conveniently performed in Salem. LEARN MORE

Specialty Contact Lenses

Traditional “off-the-shelf” contact lenses work for many, but not everyone. For some individuals, specialty contact lenses can improve eye comfort and manage chronic eye issues. This could be the solution you’ve been looking for — specialty contact lenses from Eye Care. LEARN MORE

Keep An Active Lifestyle

Healthy eyes and good vision play a big part in being active. Having the right lenses in the right frames can also help. If your vision is holding you back from activities you once enjoyed, come see us at one of our convenient locations in Salem or Keizer. LEARN MORE

Improve the Appearance of Your Eyes

As Salem’s only fellowship-trained oculofacial plastic surgeon, Dr. Chad M. Bingham provides safe and practical surgery for eyelids, eyebrows, and mid-face appearance. LEARN MORE

Live & Work in the Willamette Valley

Check out Career Opportunities at Eye Care Physicians & Surgeons. We’re always on the lookout for new talent and experienced vision care professionals. SEE JOB OPENINGS